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Running low on cash, the Z- Senshi decided to open a mall to raise money. Tenshinhan runs the mall. The mall proves to be promising, but will Vegeta and/or some others ruin it and make it a disaster? (Note this is now completed.)

In an alternate timeline, the Z-Senshi was running low on cash. So the Z-Senshi opened a large mall to generate some money.
Goku opened a food court.
Vegeta opened a karate dojo.
Bulma and Chi Chi ran a salon.
Roshi opened a porno shop.
18 forced Kuririn to help her run a clothing store with 17 as the cashier.
Gohan and Videl opened an electronics store with Goten and Chibi Trunks to help run the store.
Piccolo had mediation classes at Vegeta's dojo.
The Ginyu force ran a grocery store.
Yamcha stood around trying to get dates.
Freezer greeted people at the store.
Cell is the rent a cop.
And Tenshinhan is the mall supervisor.

Day 1, Grand opening 8:00 A.M.

People entering the mall laughed at Freezer because of his feminine appearance.  After the 5th person called him gay, Freezer killed a good portion of the new comers until Cell beat the crap out of him. However, business continues to run.

Vegeta's Dojo:
Vegeta: Alright wussies we'll start with some basic energy blasts.
Human: How?
Vegeta: Like this *Vegeta vaporized the student, the others looked on terriorfied.* I forgot you're all weak, so I'll start with some push ups in 50x gravity. *Vegeta hit the gravity switch and the students hit the floor*
15 minutes later
human: We can't move sir.
Vegeta: THAT'S IT! *Vegeta used a energy blast and killed all of his students*
Vegeta: Weaklings! I'll make the Namek clean up this mess.

Tenshinhan: Well Vegeta just lost all of his business. Except for Freezer and Vegeta killing people, business has been good. Bulma and Chi Chi actually get along.

However 15 minutes later after the Vegeta's Dojo Massacre:

*Vegeta enters the salon*
Bulma: Vegeta what are doing here?
Vegeta: Those humans pissed me off so I killed them.
Bulma: You idiot. How do you expect to make any money?
*Vegeta takes $30 out of the register and runs out of the store*
Chi Chi: You're damn husband just took some of our money.
Bulma: What?
Chi Chi: you heard me you loose tang slut.
Bulma and Chi Chi started bitch fighting for awhile, then they closed early.

Master Roshi's business is selling very well.

18's store:
18: Kuririn hurry up and put those clothes on the rack or you won't be getting any for a week.
Kuririn: I'm hurrying.
Customer checking out: Hey that blond chick has a great ass.
17: That's my sister you dick.
Customer: Hey piss off you faggot.
*17 then blasted the guy instantly killing him.*
18: Dammit 17 that's the 5th guy you've killed already.
17: They keep annoying me.
18: 17 you're going to have to stop killing people or we're going to not do any business.
17: This is boring.
18: Fine, Kuririn you take cashier. 17 you hang out clothes.

Lunch time, next place, Goku's Pizza Palace.

Goku's Pizza Palace:
*Long lines are all around, people are mad.*
Raditz: Dammit Kakarott hurry up with those pizzas. These customers are pissing me off.
Customer: Hey you damn hippy I want my food.
*Raditz shoots him through the chest*
Raditz: Anyone else wanna be a smart ass?
*Suddenly a blast clears the line and Vegeta steps up*
Vegeta: Raditz I want a pepperoni pizza.
Raditz: hold on Prince, let me see if Kakarott is doing his job. *Raditz walks to the back*
Raditz: Kakarott I can't believe you ate the pizzas again. You idiot.
Goku: I was hungry.
*Vegeta jumps over the counter and attacks Goku. As the two fight, Raditz takes a lunch break.*

Ginyu Groceries:
Guldo is a meat preparer, Recoome is a stock boy, Burter and Jeice are cashiers, and Captain Ginyu is the manager.
Jeice's Line:
*A woman come through Jeice's line.*
Jeice: Hey baby how about you come to me place tonight?
Yamcha: Back off I saw her first.
Jeice: She wants me you dipshit
*Jeice and Yamcha start fighting and all the noise brings Ginyu out of his office as the other members watch.*
Ginyu: What's going on here? How dare you come into our place of business and cause trouble.
*The Ginyu Force powers up attacks, but Yamcha makes it out the back door before he gets blasted. Ginyu Groceries lays in ruins.*

Day 2:
Roshi and Gohan seem to be tied for doing the most business. 17 killed 3 more people for staring at 18. 17 was fired and is now a lowly rent a cop along with Cell. Kuririn nearly strangled someone to death for staring at 18. Vegeta just wonders around and causes chaos. Raditz killed some more people for complaining about the service. Goku continues to eat all of the food, so Nappa and Turles were hired as assistant cooks. Cell had a small problem doing his duties as rent a cop.

Trunks: Hey Goten. Gohan nor Videl is looking over here right now. Lets take money and go spend it.

Goten: Spend it on what?

Trunks: Video games you idiot. I swear Goten you are so stupid at times. *Trunks grabs a handful of cash from the register. Then he and Goten run out of the store. However, Videl spotted them. Videl shouted for them to stop, but the boys had no intention of doing so. Videl then ran outside the store and alerted Cell to the problem.

Videl: Officer Cell! Those boys just stole some money from the register.

Cell: If it isnt one thing its always another. How does a perfect being such as myself be degraded to being a lowly rent a cop.? Fine then Ms. Videl I will stop those two hooligans just because of the fact that I am bored. *Cell then sped after Trunks and Goten. He had trouble locating them due to them having a head start. Cell then decided to check the arcade, and found them in there playing video games. Trunks was playing a racing game until he felt a hand put on his shoulder. Trunks turned to notice Cell. Trunks knew he was busted, and the look showed on his face. Trunks then called Goten to help him. Goten came by but stopped in fear at the sight of Cell.

Cell: You Saiya-jin brats are a nuisance. *Cell then snatched the boys into the air..* You two always have to cause trouble dont you. Im tired of dealing with both of you. You now have to greet people At the door along with FREEZER!

Trunks: NNNOOO!!!! Please sir anything but that!

Goten: No! Thats torture! *The boys began crying as Cell drug them outside. *

Day 3:
18 hired Brolly as a cashier. Here's an example of his work.
Customer: Come on retard.
Brolly: uuuggghhh
Customer: Are you just plain dumb you stupid f*cktard. (Funi edit, curse them)
Brolly: uugghh, DIE!
*Brolly kills customer*
Brolly kills 3 more people in the next 2 hours and takes a pay cut.

Master Roshi now has competition, Ginyu Groceries is now Ginyu's Porn Palace. Gohan fired Trunks for stealing money out of the register when his back was turned. Vegeta killed a few teenagers for talking about his hair.

Day 4:
Freezer killed some people for calling him a transvistite. Raditz killed a few customers. Cell and 17 were called to restore order but they helped Raditz kill some more customers. Raditz was given 3 days off to relief some stress. Trunks was hired temporally until Raditz's return.

Day 5:
Brolly was fired for being illiterate. 17 was rehired. Brolly is now a rent a cop. Bulma and Chi Chi had to close their salon after this incident.
Bulma: Would you like more shampoo?
Zarbon: Yes please.
*Vegeta walks in.*
Vegeta: What the hell is this?
Zarbon: Vegeta
Vegeta: Ha well if isn't Zarbon. And I see you're being gayer than usual.
Zarbon: Why you.
Vegeta: Ha I always knew you were a fruit. Especially they way you acted around Freezer.
Zarbon: That's it.
Zarbon and Vegeta fight. Vegeta of course wins and trashes the salon in the process. Chi Chi now works at Goku's Pizza Palace. Nappa quit and opened his own gym.

Day 6:
Ginyu's Porn Palace and Roshi's Porn Kingdom merged to form "Ginyu-Roshi House Of Porno." Raditz returned to work early and was fired. He now runs a make your own video store.

Day 7:

Brolly and Cell were tired of never doing anything, so they plotted with Freezer to take over the mall. Freezer began first with the customers that walk in.
Customer: Are you a fag?
Freezer: DIE!
Freezer kills him, then kills more people trying to get in.
Tenshinhan: What the hell? Security take him out.
*Brolly and Cell rush to the scene and kill some people also.*
Tenshinan: What are you doing? this isn't what you're supposed to do.
Brolly: DIE! *Brolly kills Tenshinhan*
Goku: Oh no *Goku rushes outside*
Cell: Well Well if it isn't Goku.
Brolly: Kakalotto
Goku: So much for going home early.
*Goku and Brolly fight*
The rest of the Z Senshi rushes out side.
Freezer: Heh it looks like everyone's here.
Vegeta: Shut up you freak.
Freezer: You tree monkey how dare you.
Vegeta: You're not even worth my time fighting.
Freezer: *Shoots ki at Vegeta*
Vegeta goes Super Saiya-jin and Freezer is shocked.
Vegeta then gets attacked by Kid Buu.
Piccolo: Ah crap this is going to be a long day.

Inside the mall
Ginyu: So I have everything you could possibly want.
18: Go screw yourself.
Ginyu: ah you're quite fiesty but you'll cum I mean come around. hehehehehe
Roshi: *stares and begins drooling at 18*
Jeice: Hey Captain there's some trouble going on outside.
Ginyu: Jeice can't you see I'm in the middle of something, or about to be. hehehehehehehe
18: *slaps Ginyu*
Ginyu falls to the floor KO'ed

Goku: I didn't remember how tough Brolly was.
Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks.
Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta.
Frieza: *hiding*
Gohan: There you are.
Freezer: AHH NO!!
Gogeta: NO he's mine to kill. *Gogeta kills Freezer*
Cell: *pummelling Piccolo* Whats this?
Gohan: Remember me?
Cell: I'll kill you this time.
Cell and Gohan fight, but Gohan Kamehameha's Cell and kills him.

Anyways, Gotenks fights Kid Buu, but Gotenks gets beaten up. After awhile their fusion breaks off. Gogeta enters the battle. Gogeta puts up a decent fight, but eventually the fusion breaks off also. Goku quickly tosses Vegeta one of the Potarro Earrings. Vegeta reluctantly puts the earring on. Goku puts the other earring on and Vegetto is formed. Vegetto eventually kills Kid Buu. Afterwards the Z-Senshi close down the mall and use the Dragon Balls to revive those killed recently. The also wish for their memories to be erased of what happened at the mall so no law suits will be filed.

However, Brolly survived the battle. Will he try to get some revenge? And will the other villains return?