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One day sometime after the defeat of Kid Buu, Chi Chi was fed up with Goku's idiocy. She forced Goku to attend school and get an education. However the only school that accepted him was Orange Star High School. But it appears that Goku isn't the only new student attending. (Status Complete)

*One day sometime after the Buu saga, Chi Chi was fed up with Goku's idiocy so she made him go to school. the only school that allowed him in was Orange Star High School. Gohan was unaware of this.
One morning Gohan was sitting there talking to Videl, Irasa was absent that day, then class started.*
Woman teacher: Okay class we have a new student. Ugh you may walk in now. Where did he go? Class behave I'll be back.
Sharpner: Gee I wonder if we have a total geek.
Videl: You're such an ass Sharpner.
*A few minutes later the woman teacher comes back.*
Teacher: You sir will have to wait for lunch to eat.
Goku (still in hallway): But I'm hungry.
Teacher: Come in and take your seat.
Sharpner: Oh great, I bet we have a fat kid.
Gohan(thinking): Oh no that can't be......
*Goku enters the room.*
Teacher: Class say hello to mister uh
Goku: Son Goku
Teacher: Ah yes Son Goku. Now take a seat.
Goku: Hey Gohan.
*Gohan(embarassed)*: Oh no
*Goku sits down next to Gohan.*
Gohan: Dad what are you doing here?
Goku: Your mom made me come to school.
Videl(confused): uh
Goku: Oh hi Videl.
Videl: uh hi
Goku: (raises hand) Excuse me when is lunch?
Teacher: In about 4 more hours.
Goku: 4 MORE HOURS! that's too long to wait.
Gohan (thinking): This sucks.
*Gohan and Videl have already sat down. Goku is still in line getting tons of food.*
Videl: Gohan why is your Dad here?
Gohan: I dunno.
Videl: Is your Dad retarded?
Gohan: Not exactly. He never went to school before.
Videl: Oh
*Goku sits down with them.*
Goku: Man I'm starving.
*Goku eats super fast, everyone watches in amazment/digust.*
Goku: It isn't very good but I'm starving.
*Goku finishes eating.*
Goku: Well aren't you two going to eat?
*About 10 minutes goes on, and the cafetaria runs out of food. Goku becomes bored. Gohan and Videl keep chattering away, then Goku out of nowhere interupts.*
Goku: So when are you two getting married?
Gohan: (spits his food everywhere) DAD!
Goku: Well it's never to early son.
*The next day.*
Teacher: Class we have another new student.
Gohan: NO! NOT HIM!
Teacher: What's your name again?
Vegeta: Vegeta!
Gohan: Why's he here?
*Vegeta took his seat by Goku.*
Goku: Vegeta why are you here.
Vegeta: Well Kakarrot if you can get an education than so can I.
Goku: You're that determined to be better than me in everything?
Vegeta: Well I'm already smarter than you so I'm going to prove it.
Gohan: (thinking) This is getting nuts.
*Screams echo from the hallway.*
Videl: What was that?
Gohan: I think it's a new kid in the retard class.
*Well things went well. Vegeta and Goku managed not to kill each other, YET. Then lunch rolled around. Goku of course was last out of the line piling his plate of food. Then the retard class entered the cafeteria.*
Vegeta: What a ugly bunch of people. Oh wait they're retards. Kakarrot aren't you supposed to be in that class?
Goku: I don't think so.
Vegeta: Well you sure aren't to smart.
Goku: Yeah Chi-Chi tells me that sometimes.
Vegeta: I could imagine Kakarrot.
Gohan: Can't we all get along?
Vegeta: No.
*Then a new retard entered the cafeteria.*
Gohan: OH NO! NOT HIM!
*Goku, and Vegeta turned around to see BROLLY! Then Brolly saw them.*
Goku: Oh no. Not here.
Brolly: KAKKALOTTO! (rushes after Goku)

*Brolly charges at Goku. Goku moves out of the way. Brolly and Goku both start fighting in Super Saiyan forms. They beat the hell out of each other, while the kids cheer on. Brolly blows up the school. Gohan manages to save Videl.*
Vegeta: Hahaha no more school.
Gohan: Vegeta, how can you laugh at a time like this?
Vegeta: Because Kakarrot is getting his ass kicked.
Brolly: You're next, so I wouldn't be laughing to much longer.
Vegeta: BASTARD!
*Brolly and Vegeta fight. Gohan then has to jump down in the fight to help.
Videl: *Is shocked*
Mysterious voice: Grab her now!
*Two masked figures grab Videl*
Videl: Hey let me go.
Mysterious voice: hehehehehe. Now you're mine.
Gohan: LET HER GO!
Mysterious voice: Forget her for now. Let's just get the hell out of here.
*The 3 take off in a airplane.*
Gohan: Who were they?
Videl: I don't know.
*Goku manages to dodge the ki attack.*
Brolly: You scum. Why don't you just stand there and die? It'll be alot less painful.
Goku: *Thinking* Damn he's alot stronger than I remember. I'll have to go SSJ3.
Brolly: Maybe you'll fight better when you watch your son and his girlfriend die.
Goku: NO!
Brolly: *Charges ki attack*
Mr. Satan: STOP!
*Brolly turns to see Mr. Satan:
Brolly: Who the hell are you?
Mr. Satan: I am the strongest man in the world. I'm going to kill you for blowing up the school and thinking about killing my daughter.
Brolly: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'll kill you slow and painfully.
Mr. Satan: *Thinking* Oh no he isn't scared in the least.
Brolly: What's the matter you don't seem so confident now.
*Vegeta blasts Brolly with a ki attack*
Brolly: Is that all the power you have left? Maybe I should kill you now.
Vegeta: I cannot be beaten. I am a Saiyan Prince I am..*Brolly punches Vegeta in the mouth.*
Brolly: You are a bitch. Now DIE! *Brolly prepares a killing ki attack but he notices Goku in SSJ3 form.*
Brolly: You'll die later. I'll kill Kakalotto first.
Goku: Now you'll pay.
Brolly: shut up. Just try to stop me Kakalotto.
*Goku shoots a Kamehameha and blasts Brolly.*
*Brolly is gone. Most likely dead.*
Vegeta: Blast you Kakarrot. I was supposed to beat him.

*Gohan gathers the Dragon Balls and wishes back those killed by Brolly, and the school. For saving the day, Goku was given his diploma for a reward, while Vegeta still had to stay in school, but he decided to drop out instead. Reporters now interview Mr. Satan.*

Reporter: Mr. Satan, why didn't you kill the monster yourself?
Mr. Satan: Well if someone with weak power like that Goku guy could beat him, why should I bother fighting? I was about to kill the monster, but then I saw that guy was already about to kill him, so I decided to let someone else save the day.

The End

Next fan fiction by me, Goku Coast To Coast. The mysterious 3 will also be unveiled in there.