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Originally from Vegeta's Insane.

"To help out the DBZ community after our closing, we have decided that you can take whatever content you like to make sure you preserve our hard work." That was the message from the owners of the former Ginga Giri Giri site. Formerly located at http://ggg.lucastadium.com/ One of them was also the owner of the Vegeta Insane site which is also gone. Since they said it was okay to use content from those sites I decided to put up the "How to be Vegeta", since I liked it so much.  The rest of what you will see is what used to be on the Vegeta Insane site.

Ever wanted to be like our favorite Saiyan tough-guy? well, here's some advice that can help you be like Vegeta

CAUTION- Doing these things may get you expelled, jailed, in trouble, or you may be viewed upon as "weird", so in other words, don't try this at home

*Talk in Brian Drummond's (Vegeta's original US voice actor) or Ryo Horikawa's (Japanese Voice actor) deep, sinister voice at all times
*Get into as many fights as possible to boost your power level
*Think to yourself that you're a Saiyan
*Spike your hair upwards
*Spike your hair upwards and grow it long, make sure you have some help when you spike it up

*Dye your hair gold to look like a Super Saiyan
*If you get pissed off enough, believe that you will go Super Saiya-jin
*Use your glasses to view your enemy's power levels

*Before you start the fight, tighten your fists really hard, scream out loud, it'll look like you're charging up
*Whenever you laugh or smile, only raise the left part of your lip

*Whenever you have a problem, just use your gallet gun and blow the whole thing up
*Believe that you can take on anybody, even the guy on the football team that looks like Recoome
*Finish off your injured partner
*Even if you lose a fight, believe that you're a Saiyan and defeating a Saiyan only makes him stronger
*Tell your foes your power level is 18,000 and above
*When everyone is gone, do battle with your greatest rival
*An "M" on your forehead is a GOOD sign
*Feel the pride in your Saiyan Heritage
*Remember that there is a little Vegeta in all of us.....

There's a link in case you don't believe me about the content being up for grabs.