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DBZ Movie 5
Dub Title "Cooler's Revenge"
Japanese Title "Battle Of The Strongest"


The Movie starts with the scene of Bardock trying to attack and kill Freezer. Bardock is killed of course. Kooler's spaceship is nearby. They notice a spacepod carrying a Saiya-jin child in there heading for the planet Earth. Sauza, Kooler's main henchmen, orders the pod to be shot down. However, Kooler orders the pod to be left alone. Kooler says it's Freezer's responsibility to eliminate all the Saiya-jins, and to leave the pod alone.

Goku is at Roshi's island firing Kamehameha waves into the ocean. Roshi comments on how much stronger Goku has gotten since returning from Namek. Gohan is studying as Chi Chi enters his room. Goku tells Gohan to keep studying. Chi Chi is surprised by this, and thinks that Goku is dying. Meanwhile, on a distant planet, Kooler learns that his brother Freezer was killed by a Super Saiya-jin named Son Goku. Kooler goes to Earth to kill the remaining Saiya-jins, not for revenge, but for the death of all Saiya-jins. Goku, Gohan, Krillin, and Oolong then all go camping. Their camp is interrupted by Kooler's henchmen:  Neiz, Doole, and Sauza. Goku fights the three, but Kooler shows up and interfers. Kooler shoots eye lasers at Gohan, but Goku jumps in to save Gohan, but gets hit in the back by the lasers. Goku and Gohan hide as Kooler's henchmen destroy and search the forest for them. Gohan rides on Hiya-Dragon to Korin's Tower to get Senzu Beans for Goku. On the way back, Kooler's henchmen find Gohan. Gohan is getting crushed by Doole until Piccolo shows up. Piccolo kills Doole with a heat-seeking ki blast. Neiz then tries to "fry" Piccolo with an electric attack. However, Piccolo moves out of the electricity, and pulls Neiz into it, killing Neiz. Piccolo prepares to fight Sauza, but Kooler shoots Piccolo through the chest. Gohan arrives with the Senzu Beans, but the bag is destroyed by Sauza. Gohan remembers the extra given to him by Yajirobie. Gohan gives Goku the Senzu Bean and Goku is back to full power.

Goku fights Sauza until Kooler appears. Kooler drops Piccolo's almost lifeless body and shoots it with an energy blast. Goku and Kooler fight. Kooler explains that he can transform himself into a form that Freezer couldn't. Kooler transforms, and begins to dominate the fight. Eventually Goku goes Super Saiya-jin and resumes fight. Kooler then prepares a Death Ball and launches it at Goku. It appears that Kooler has won, but Goku uses the Kamehameha to fire the Death Ball back at Kooler. With the power of the Kamehameha behind it, the blast launches Kooler into the sun. As Kooler is dying, he realizes that Freezer wasn't the only one that had alot to learn. Goku and the others rest until Sauza jumps out of the ground. However, Sauza is killed by a Special Beam Cannon by Piccolo. Piccolo is then shown drinking water, and then the ending credits roll.

Rating: 7.5/10, I thought this was a well done movie, plus it could also fit into the actual timeline.