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While watching the dubbed episodes of DBZ, I stumbled upon a few of Raditz's quotes that I thought should be on the site.

5. (After shooting a bullet back at a farmer.) "Ha, what a fragile breed of people"
4. (Referring to the Saiya-jins plan to destroy Earth.) Keep your shirt on old timer. Our clean up crew is very efficent.
3. (Having the advantage in the fight.) Why so blue green-man? Is it because you're powerless to help your friend, or is it because you're just plain ugly?
2. (After Piccolo gets his arm blown off.)AHAHAHA! Uh excuse has anyone seen my arm? HAHAHA! You can't miss it, it's green. HAHAHAHA!
And the number one Raditz quote of all time:
1. (After Piccolo attempting to kill him with a energy blast.) Goodness, you've managed to singe some of my leg hairs.