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Eminem Interview

The Snake Pit has managed to conduct an interview with rap star Eminem. The interview was conducted by Cobra and new staffer Viper, and they aren't afraid to let Slim Shady know what they think about him and his music.

Cobra: We have now managed to get yet another celebrity interview. This time we are interviewing rap sensation Eminem. I of course am Cobra the Snake Pit owner here with new staffer Viper to conduct this interview. First of all thank you for being here Shady.
Eminem: No problem dawg.
Viper: First question, how did you get started in the business?
Eminem: Well dawg, I came from the ghetto. It was hard times growing up and all. I used to get my ass beat on a daily basis until I decided to be a rapper so I would be accepted. And sho' nuff, it did. I became popular, everyone liked me, and I was rollin' down the streets and all the peeps knew who I was. Then I figured, well shit I ought to be doing this for a livin'. Then I met Dre and it's all history from there.

2003, The Snake Pit