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The DBZOA's Idiocy

I'm sure that almost everyone in the anime community have heard of the DBZOA now. Considering they've been bitching over the dubbing over an anime, that has ran it's course, for over two years. It's kind of hard to have not heard of the little assrunts by now. They make the rest of us in the anime community look bad just by their very presence. They still haven't completely stopped their complaining about the dubbing despite the fact it's now 2003, and nobody cares about the DBZ franchise anymore. BUT OH NO, don't tell the DBZOA that! Facing reality and finding other things in life besides a overrated anime series and constantly bitching on message boards is a lost cause on these birth defects.

Now once upon a time boys and girls, there was a group that was fed up with the DBZOA's incompetence and decided to take matters into their own hands. That group was the MadeFromGoats Otaku Alliance, (MFGOA). The creator of the site, Aaron, decided it was time to put these perma-virgins in their place. He formed the MFGOA section of the site for the sole purpose of crushing these crust shits into the ground. Several people signed up quickly and joined the fight against the DBZOA. The DBZOA sat back on their computer screens in disbelief that there was a group that didn't like them. The MFGOA did a number on them. The MFGOA managed to get the DBZOA admins fighting among each other and the intellectually challenged members started bitching towards each other. It appeared the DBZOA was through. But it wasn't the case. Once many of the MFGOA members were banned from the DBZOA message boards, the MFGOA got lazy. They didn't go all out against their sexless enemies. As a result the DBZOA survived and the MFGOA sat around and did nothing but try to make dipshit humor on their message boards. Aaron did some stuff on the site, but recently a few months ago, the site met it's demise and only lives on through web archive. The MFGOA forums are now only filled with humor that only a severely down syndrome retard would find remotely humorous. To sum it all up, the MFGOA fought for a great cause but failed.

Now I wouldn't give a shit except for something I saw while browsing the DBZOA forums out of morbid curiosity. These sick motherfuckers make a topic on incest and debate on it for over five pages now! Here's a few quotes directly from some of the fuckhuggers themselves:

"Ooh, minor defects. Big fucking deal! So what if a baby has a cleft lip or some other easily corrected "defect"? It happens all the time!" - Juunana No Onna on the birth defects of an incestuous born child.

"You are honestly telling me that there has not ever been one case where an incestuous couple was actually truly in love. I'd like to see you back that up." - Another quote by the same sick fucking dumbass bitch listed above.

"For the last time, that has been drilled into us for YEARS by society. If there were no such laws, i.e. all the hillbilly stereotypes and such, there would be no problem.

It all comes down to Love. Do you love someone? If you love someone, who cares what anyone thinks?

Take in point Romeo and Juliet. They loved each other, but society prevented them from seeing each other. That didn't stop them. They died in the end, but that's besides the point. My point is, If love defies society, does that make it wrong? Are you willing to go against society to be with the one you love?
" - The Saiya-jin Reborn, AKA a limp-wristed sissy imbred prick in response to someone with some sense saying incest is wrong.

I apologize to all of you that are puking in disgust to these sick fucks. The fact people can be so fucking sick to justify incest sickens me! There's a post somewhere in that thread where someone actually wants that disgrace to go in their 'Hall of Fame' forum, I don't want to go searching through that thread to find it though. These worthless cuntrags are part of what make society the hellhole it is now. People like those incest justifying motherfuckers are a disgrace to humanity! With the death of the MFGOA, we need a new group to arise and smash these cum-stained perma-faggots into oblivion! Their asstardery has gone on long enough! And after puking in disgust at reading that incest thread, I've come to the conclusion that the ones that justify incest deserve to be fucked with a baseball bat! I'm just glad some of the DBZOA members have enough sense to realize that fucking your family is wrong. To those that actually had the sense to realize that, I commend you!


I'll end this rant with this, the DBZOA can rant on with bullshit topics about incest for now, but it won't continue for much longer. Since the MFGOA is gone, I guarantee a new group will arise to take the MFGOA's place. Using the same tactics as the MFGOA like trolling their message boards and harassing various members via e-mail and AIM. It's only a matter of time.

2003, The Snake Pit