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More often that I would like to admit, I spend some of my free time browsing and posting on message boards. I have for about two years now. I usually prefer smaller message boards the most, because the slower pace makes things better while posting. I also post at boards with a larger group of people. There's something I've noticed on larger boards that I have decided on ranting on. And that is popularity on on-line message boards.
Anyone who goes on message boards for the sole purpose to eventually be cool needs to desperately go out and get a social life. It's quite pathetic when the only thing you have is acceptance by a bunch of people you'll never meet in real life. But here lately I've been noticing that seems to be what more and more fuckups are doing. There's the popular members of the board and there's the people that agree with them constantly in hopes of being accepted as well. This is especially true when it comes to flaming. When a popular member flames a lesser popular member, then there will be the vultures to come along and pick the bones, so to speak, of the lesser popular members. And after awhile, the wannabes are usually accepted as part of the cool "clique". Here's some advice to all of those people that are reading this that are exactly what I just described, GO OUT AND GET A DAMN LIFE YOU SAD FUCKING WASTE OF SPACE! Having to resort to trying to be cool on an on-line message board only proves how worthless you truly are. Try finding friends in REAL life. I may use message boards quite often, but I have friends in real life, as well as other and better things to do than sit in front of a computer screen all day. Now do I use the computer quite a bit, yes. But is that what I do on a constant basis, no. I can't help but to notice how pathetic it is that some message boards end up becoming up like the inner social circles of a high school. Here's an example:
Regular person: Blah blah blah
Cool person: STFU, you're a fag.
Socially inept nerd trying to fit in: Yeah fag! Dur hur hur hur!
That's basically how most cases work. And when they are told about it, they will instantly deny it in a heartbeat and claim to have something of a social life. That mostly is nothing but lies trying to cover up the fact they worthless attention seeking assfags. I could rant on more about wankstains like this, but quite frankly aren't worthy of having me waste anymore of my having me ranting on about them. I actually have other things to do besides trying to fit in with fucktards on-line.

2003, The Snake Pit