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Mainstream Music Sucks

In a time where such lyrics as "CCRRAAWWLLIINNGG IN MY SKIN! and Ow-a-aahhhaaa!" are considered good by large portion of people, then it's safe that mainstream music is nothing but pure shit. Whatever new video MTV decides to play over half of the people that see it will automatically think it's good music and cool just because it's on MTV. Now that's what I call breeding a generation of ignorant sacks of shit with little or no taste in good music. I don't hate any band just because they're mainstream, I hate bands that have no musical talent at all. Take a look at bands like Disturbed, Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, etc. They play the same few riffs every song and come up with horrible lyrics. But for some reason people seem to like it. And probably just because it's in the mainstream, and alot of the mainstream listeners can't expand their musical tastes to anything beyond it. If more people would open their musical tastes then bands like Linkin "Three riff" Park wouldn't be played all over the TV and radio. But mainstream listeners for the most part are just like lost fucking sheep. They just follow the crowd and don't think for themselves. They just let someone else do it for them. That's just being a trendy dipshit. Determine what you like yourself, not just what the mainstream happens to be trying to throw in your face at the time.


Recently in the past 20 years or so there has been one type of music that has emerged that is also horrible. I'm referring to rap music, better known to some as crap. It sounds like someone putting their ass up to a microphone, farting in it, while someone creates a bassline and calls it music. Some of it was decent when it first emerged back in the early 1980's, but as soon as it became "gangsta" then it all became terrible. It only continues to get worse. You have morons that spend thousands of dollars getting a system put in their car, going down the road with this crap full blast thinking they're cool. NEWS FLASH! Listening to crap music full blast doesn't make you cool. It only makes you look like a complete and utter fucktard. There's few things more annoying then being stuck at a red light with some dipshit nearby having their stereo pumping nothing but bass. And that's all crap is, nothing but bass. Anyone can come up with a set of lyrics with someone creating a bassline for them. And here's proof of it.


Yo yo yo

I'mma go smack dis ho

Bitch didn't have my money

And dat ain't funny

Gotta have my cash to be bling blingin'

And have some fartin' noises in da' back while I be singin'


See all I need now is to find someone to create a bassline, go record it, and I'll sell a million album copies and be rich. Then you have a bunch of upper scale white people listen to it and think they're hardcore. One of the most pathetic sights ever is seeing some loudmouthed genetic defective walking around with baggy pants, fubu shirts, turned around baseball caps, and go around claiming to be ghetto while they later go back to their houses in the rich upper scale neighborhoods. Honestly that has to be the most idiotic trend I've ever seen, and probably ever will see in my lifetime. There's few things worse then people that are stupid by choice. The fact that these dipshits breed further proves my point on why the human race is doomed to failure.


Don't think I forgot about pop music. Pop music is so terrible it speaks for itself.

Talentless musicians that appeal to sexually repressed 12 year olds everywhere.

2003, The Snake Pit