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DBZ Movie 1
Dub Title "Dead Zone"
Japanese Title "Return My Gohan."


The Movie opens with Gohan studying in the woods. Gyuu Mao visits to give Gohan a gift but he suddenly falls unconscious. Three of Garlic Jrs henchmen then beat up Chi Chi, and then kidnap Gohan. Goku senses something wrong and goes to Chi Chi. She explains that Gohan was kidnapped and Goku goes off after the kidnappers.

Garlic Jr has all 7 Dragon Balls and summons the Eternal Dragon. Garlic Jr. wishes for immortality. Gohan is then looked after by Garlic Jrs henchmen. We get to see a hilarous scene where Gohan takes a bite out of an alcoholic apple and walks around drunk. Kami confronts Garlic Jr and trys to attack him, but nothing works since Garlic Jr is immortal. Goku shows up and battles Garlic Jrs henchmen. The odds are against him until his at the time arch enemy Piccolo shows up. Piccolo wanting revenge against Garlic Jrs henchmen for an earlier confrontation, kills one of Garlic Jrs henchmen while Goku finishes the other two. During this Krillin shows up and carrys Gohan to safety. Now Goku and Piccolo face the immortal Garlic Jr. Goku and Piccolo do well and think they've killed him, and prepare to fight each other. However Garlic Jr gets up and opens the Dead Zone. All hope seems lost until Gohan shows back up. Gohans aura is so strong that it holds him in place. Garlic Jr can't believe a kid can with stand the Dead Zone's aura, and charges it to full power. Gohan then unleashes more of his hidden power and knocks Garlic Jr into the Dead Zone thus closing it.

Gohan passes out and when every one comes to Goku asks Gohan if he remembers anything, Gohan thinks Goku stopped the whole thing. Piccolo says he'll finish off Goku another time while Goku carrys Gohan back home.

Rating: 6/10, The drunken Gohan scene is quite hilarous. So is watching Gohan knock Garlic Jr into the Dead Zone.