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DBZ Movie 2
Dub Title "The World's Strongest"
Japanese Title "The World's Strongest Man."


The movie starts out with Gohan and Oolong looking for the Dragon Balls in an arctic region. Dr. Kochin already has all 7 and summons the Eternal Dragon. He asks that the Dragon break the layer of ice surrounding the old lab of Dr. Wilo. His wish is granted. Then what appears to be robotic Cultivars (Saibamen) attack Gohan and Oolong. Of course Piccolo is around and fights the robots. Piccolo tells Gohan and Oolong to run away. At this time Piccolo is captured when he's attacked by a bio fighter.

Some time later the robots show up at Kame House looking for Master Roshi. Roshi comes out, and learns that the robots want to take him to see Dr. Wilo. Roshi refuses and fights the robots. Then Bulma gets taken hostage by Dr. Kochin, so Roshi agrees to go with them.

Now Goku heads to the artic region to stop Dr. Wilo and his creations. Goku ends up fighting 3 bio-warriors which he defeats. Dr. Kochin explains to Bulma that the brain behind her is the remains of Dr. Wilo thought to have died 50 years ago. Dr. Wilo wants the body of the strongest fighter in the world, and he thinks Roshi is still the world's strongest fighter. Krillin and Gohan are with Goku. Krillin tries to free Bulma, but he can't because of a force field. Dr. Kochin hand turns into a machine gun and tries to shoot Krillin, while Goku and Gohan battle Piccolo, who is under mind control by Dr. Wilo. Piccolo eventually breaks free. Dr. Wilo now wants Goku's body so Wilo breaks free from the wall and cracks the floor during the release, and that sends Dr. Kochin to his death. Dr. Wilo's robotic body is tougher than it appears, but Goku makes a Genki Dama and kills him.

Rating: 4/10 This just didn't seem like one of the better movies to me.