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Nappa is a Saiya-jin Elite. Nappa is also a partner of Raditz and Vegeta. It is shown that Nappa was Vegeta's caretaker when Vegeta was a child, but Nappa became fearful of Vegeta because Vegeta was not only the Saiya-jin prince, but also had incredible power. Nappa goes to Earth with Vegeta to gain immortality. Nappa ends up fighting the Z Senshi instead. Nappa's strength is so strong that Chaotzu blows himself up in an attempt to kill Nappa, which doesn't work. Next is Tenshinhan who dies from using up to much energy against Nappa. Nappa prepares to kill Gohan, but Piccolo steps in the way and dies for Gohan. Goku shows up and defeats Nappa in battle. Vegeta is angered at Nappa's defeat. So Vegeta throws Nappa in the air and kills him with a energy blast. Nappa makes a short apperance again in GT, but he is once again killed by Vegeta.