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DBZ Movie 6

Dub Title "Return of Cooler"

Japanese Title "Attack! One Million Power Warriors"


Movie 6 starts out on the new Planet Namek. What appears to be a huge planet closes in close to the planet and attaches itself to new Namek. Word reaches Dende on Earth and he asks Goku and the Z Senshi to help out. Goku and the other Z Senshi go to new Namek. When they arrive the Nameks are being taken prisoner by robots. One Namek tries to fight off his captors, but is unsuccessful. Gohan arrives in time to save the Nameks life. Gohan, Piccolo, and Kuririn begin fighting the robots. During this time metallic Kooler approaches Goku. Metal Kooler explains that the planet-looking thing attacking Namek is actually Big Ghetti Star, a huge gigantic assembly of computer parts and metal that grows as it gets more live energy. Goku and Metal Kooler fight each other in a rematch from Movie 5. Piccolo discovers a weak spot on the robots, but the machines eventually capture Gohan, Kuririn, Master Roshi, Yajirobie, Oolong, and the Nameks. Piccolo eventually destroys all the robots by himself and makes his way into the Big Ghetti Star to save everyone. Goku is tired from his battle with Metal Kooler. Metal Kooler is about to kill Goku until Vegeta steps in to help out his rival.


Goku and Vegeta succeed in destroying the Metal Kooler, but both are drained energy wise. A cliff full of Metal Koolers appears in front of them and captures the two Super Saiya-jins. Metallic wires tie up Goku and Vegeta and the last remains of the real Kooler are shown. Kooler explains that he was lucky and stumbled upon the Big Ghetti Star. Koolers brain is now running the ship. The wires drain Goku and Vegeta of most of their energy. But the circuits do not properly close and the energy keeps running and starts overheating the Big Ghetti Star. Piccolo and the others all flee away from the Big Ghetti Star after the Metal Koolers and the other machines are destroyed from the overload of power. Kooler forms himself a body from the wires and fights Goku. Kooler ties Goku up, but Vegeta cuts the wires off of Goku with an energy attack. Goku then hurls an energy ball at Kooler and destroys him. The Big Ghetti Star explodes and everyone makes it out alive except Kooler. Vegeta flies ahead back to Earth in his own spaceship. In his hand he crushes the main computer chip of Big Ghetti Star.

Rating: 9.5/10, This is one of the best of the DBZ movies. The fighting is well done. Plus seeing Vegeta finally make his appearance in the movies was nice.