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Freezer is the one who destroyed the Saiya-jin race once he feared a "Super Saiya-jin" would one day rise up and put an end to his reign of terror. Freezer is also the most feminine looking villian in DBZ, but don't let that fool you because Freezer is also the strongest known being in DBZ at the time. His name is feared throughout the galaxy. Probably because of his known reputation as an anal raper for starters, which brings us to Zarbon and Dodoria. These are Freezer's top two sodomizers that jump at the chance to carry out Freezer's orders. Here's a good example:
Freezer: "Zarbon lick my anus."
Zarbon: "As you command Master Freezer."
Freezer goes to Namek to use the Dragonballs to wish for immortality so that his reign of terror will be everlasting. Thankfully Vegeta decides to prevent this by also going to Namek and get immortality for himself and kill Freezer. Freezer's two cronies Zarbon and Dodoria die at the hands of Vegeta, so Freezer calls for the Ginyu Force. Goku and Vegeta put a stop to the Ginyu Force, but Goku is injured and must recover. Now Freezer has just beaten the crap out of Nail and goes to find the Dragon is gone.
Freezer decides to take his anger out on Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, and Dende. Vegeta forces Freezer to transform into his second form. Freezer beats the crap out Vegeta and stabs Krillin through the gut with his horn. Gohan becomes enraged and uses his hidden powers to bring Freezer down. However Piccolo arrives and he must fight Freezer. Piccolo makes Freezer transform into his third form where he looks like a duck bill platapus. Freezer nearly kills Piccolo but once again Gohan becomes enraged and takes it out on Freezer forcing Freezer to make his last transformation.
Dende heals the wounded fighters. Vegeta is the only one that can stand up to Freezer at this point, but Vegeta is beaten to near death, and finally Goku arrives on the battlefield. Vegeta gives Goku some words of encouragment and motivation, but Freezer shoots Vegeta through the heart and Vegeta'a dying words to Goku are "Get him for the Saiya-jins."
Goku and Freezer fight. Goku holds his on until Freezer powers up beyond the 1% of his full power he was fighting at. Goku gets beaten around and has to form a 3 episode long Genki Dama. However Freezer survives and kills Krillin. BIG MISTAKE! That triggers Goku to go Super Saiya-jin. Super Saiya-jin Goku mops the floor with Freezer until Freezer destroys the core of Namek causing it to explode in five minutes. Goku allows Freezer to reach his max and Goku tricks Freezer into getting cut in half by Freezer's own energy discs. Freezer pleads for his life on Goku's compassion and Goku, like a total retard, gives Freezer some energy. Freezer takes it to try to destroy Goku, but Goku throws a ki attack that suppossibly kills Freezer.
Freezer survives Goku's last attack and the explosion of Namek. His father, King Cold, finds him in space and has his shredded body rebuilt. The now Cyborg Freezer and King Cold head to Earth for revenge. When they arrive the meet Vegeta's son from the future Trunks. Trunks goes Super Saiya-jin and kills Freezer for good and then kills King Cold.
Freezer along with Cell makes two attempts to take over HELL aka HFIL, but they are foiled both times by Goku.
Freezer's specialty attacks are, The Death Ball, and Red Kienzan Discs.
*NOTE, despite his femine appearance, Freezer isn't supposed to be potrayed as a homo. That is Funimation's fault, especially due to some of the horrible dub lines Freezer was given.*

Freezer's 1st form

Freezer's 2nd form

Freezer's 3rd form

Freezer's 4th form

Freezer dying at the hands of Mirai Trunks